Founded by Scott Blackburn, the grandson of an illustriously crafty sailor, Stokers Restaurant is named in honour of the out-of-character undertakings of Lenny, a rather affable gentleman in the Royal Australian Navy during WWII. Lenny was known as a non-drinker, non-smoker and non-gambler, which makes his service, including the Battle of the Coral Sea, all the more intriguing.

While the naval ratings went ashore, as a stoker, Lenny stayed below decks in the engine room of the ship, using surplus pantry goods to clandestinely produce gin and clear spirit to sell or barter to his shipmates.

Far from the bulkheads and beams of the ship and the struggles of past heroes, the Stokers Restaurant sits on O’Halloran Hill, ‘just up the hill’ from Adelaide. The namesake venue lies conveniently on the doorstep of the gourmet South, a hop and a skip to the almond groves of Willunga, and the wondrous McLaren Vale wine district.

In a nod to his grandfather’s notoriously shrewd operation, Scott’s companion beverage and food destination Southern Shine Distillery and Stokers, combines a tasting bar and restaurant, complementing each other in shining quality and unique personality to create a stylish full-service destination for locals and visitors alike.